13 Pasadena Home Decorating Faux Pas to Avoid

13 Pasadena Home Decorating Faux Pas to Avoid

  • Amy Engler
  • 05/3/22

If you own a Pasadena luxury home or townhouse, you’ll likely want it to reflect your style and taste. It should be an oasis that’s comfortable for you and your family to live in while also making a statement to your visitors.

A delicate balancing act comes into play when expressing your style and maintaining a comfortable living environment. When it comes to decorating your Pasadena home, it's easy to cross from personal taste into a decorating faux pas without realizing it. Here's a look at 13 common decorating faux pas so you can avoid them.

Combination of too many colors and prints

Colors and prints can make a statement in any room and appear stylish. However, if you mix too many colors and prints, it creates a busy vibe and overwhelms the beauty within the chaos. This makes your home feel more cluttered and less like an oasis, something you don’t want.

Mixing colors, patterns, and prints can be done, but it’s important to limit the number of colors to ensure balance. Using less is always a safer option colorwise, and it also gives you the freedom to add more character to the home with lighter shades and prints. If you opt for a pattern or print in the room, make it a statement piece by avoiding using other prints and instead using color to highlight it. Patterns, colors, and prints can create an elegant space if done correctly. 

Size matters

Each piece of furniture and decorative piece — from paintings, vases, throw pillows, rugs, and more — must be a size that conforms to the dimensions of the room and its specific space. This is extremely important as it sets the tone for the room.

In most cases, you buy a new bed or coffee table because it appeals to you. Then you bring it home only to find that it's too big or too small for the room or space you want to use it in. This can create a space that looks awkward or off balance. It's always a good idea to measure any piece of furniture or decorative detail against the space where you want to place it to make sure it fits before purchase.

Cold, bright white

When decorating your Pasadena luxury home, consider natural and artificial light sources to help bring brightness and warmth to your space. From opening up curtains to using neutral tones, there are many ways this can be achieved. A popular option is the use of white paint.

However, not all white is the same, and this is where you need to be careful when painting the walls of your home. While ivory and eggshell are two fantastic, warmer color options, a certain hue of white creates a bright white appearance that can overwhelm the room. This bright white can also leave the room feeling cold and unwelcoming. Be wary when choosing white paint, as the shade you pick could alter the entire perception of a room.


Matching sets

It's tempting to purchase a matching dining room or living room set with all the pieces predetermined for you. However, if you have matching sets in every room, it begins to look generic and doesn't reflect your personal taste.

If you find a dining room table set that you love or an outdoor couch with matching chairs, it's okay to buy them since these are pieces you can add personal touches on. For example, adding a few well-placed throw pillows or a funky cutlery set can make all the difference.  This gives you the chance to personalize your living space. 

Missed opportunities

Most of the rooms in a home have one special feature, whether it's massive bay windows or an ornamental fireplace. And sometimes, the space is created not to showcase those wonderful features and instead for more common furniture arrangements, such as the bed against the back wall and side tables beside it. With these expected placements, you could be missing out on the opportunity to highlight the room's best features.

You might consider rearranging the furniture and accent pieces to highlight the large window or draw the eye to the beautiful fireplace. As you decorate each room, identify the special quality first and then organize furniture and add decor to highlight the unique feature. 

Incorrect rug size

The addition of a rug in any room can add a splash of color or pull together the few pieces of furniture within it. However, a common decorating faux pas to avoid is using a rug that's too big or too small for the room, as this will erase the effect you're trying to create.

You've probably seen rooms where the rug dominates the room or where it disappears completely. When you're considering adding a rug to a room to create a cohesive feel, it's always good to measure the space you want the rug to cover and buy the size you need. 

Too much stuff

The old saying of "less is more" should become your new mantra if you want to avoid a decorating faux pas. Too much furniture and too many pictures can make a room feel overcrowded and cluttered, even if they're the right size and sharp for the space.

Pasadena houses offer spacious rooms, and it's up to you to make the best design choices. Paring down on decor and furniture options and only adding in the essentials is your best way to make your home inviting and comfortable.

Family heirlooms and hand-me-downs

Odds are, there are items in your home right now that you display, use, or refuse to replace because they're family heirlooms or have sentimental value from a friend or family member. If they’re introducing more clutter than value, it's time to hand them down to someone else or give them to another trusted family member.

In many cases, these "antiques" and "vintage pieces" are typically not the right fit for the decor in your home. You keep them and display them out of a sense of obligation. If you have a few of these pieces, rest assured that you can lovingly pass them along to someone else who might have the perfect use for them. On the other hand, if you have a high-quality family heirloom that complements your decorating scheme, you should keep these treasures.  

Lack of finishing touches

Decorating a room is a lot of work. You need to pick out the furniture, select bedding, throw blankets, and choose the right paint colors. There are some finishing touches to tackle when you're done with everything on your primary to-do list. These will help give the space a completed look. They can include:
  • Artwork
  • Personal pictures
  • Soft furniture
  • Vases
  • Plants
  • Cushions
  • Other accessories
You can use these finishing touches to pull the room's look together and create cohesion between the varied colors and textures.

Curtains hung incorrectly

Curtains are a huge focal point in a home, as they can accent any room or draw attention to a large window. However, they need to be hung correctly. If the curtains drag on the floor in a room, it can make the room appear shorter and smaller than it is.

It's okay to hang the curtains so they brush the ground but no lower. Another thing to consider is hanging them higher. This design style can make your room appear taller than it is, and you might consider using this little ploy to make a room with a low ceiling appear taller and more spacious.

Ignoring small spaces

If you have a small half bath or other tiny space, you might be working hard to make it appear lighter and larger. However, this is a decorative faux pas. You need to lean into whatever the space offers to make the most of it.

Try using darker paint and metallic accents to give the room a wow factor. Or install a funky wallpaper to make it pop. It's also a good idea to decorate your small space as a stand-alone area and not try to incorporate it into a larger space near it. 

Fad decorating

There is a difference between trends and fads, especially in decorating. You’ll want to incorporate the latest trends into your decor and update it as necessary, but fads don't last long, and they may lack some of the elegance you want for your home.
It's hard to decipher if a new decorating option is a fad or the start of a new trend. Researching new styles and decorating themes is crucial when designing your own home. As you gain experience with decorating trends and fads, it'll become easier for you to tell the difference between the two. 

Poor choices in lighting

Each room in your home must offer plenty of light, and while some of this light comes from natural sources, other light must come from light fixtures, lamps, and chandeliers. You need to make your lighting choices a priority and not an afterthought.

It's never a good idea to leave a room with only a single overhead light source, as this can dull the room and make it seem smaller. Instead, you’ll want to layer lighting in the room to highlight specific areas and enjoy light where you need it. It's also a good idea to use a variety of lighting styles, such as table
lamps and floor lamps.

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