Your Guide to Moving and  Living in Altadena, California

Your Guide to Moving and Living in Altadena, California

  • Amy Engler
  • 01/9/23

If you desire a residential paradise outside of Los Angeles that’s full of small-town charm, you’ll love living in Altadena. The surrounding mountains provide plenty of opportunities for hiking and other sports, while families can count on the area’s top-rated public and private schools and superb dining spots.

As an unincorporated community of Los Angeles County, Altadena is located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. Surrounding the town are natural areas Arroyo Seco, Angeles National Forest, and Eaton Canyon. Because of the surrounding nature, Altadena has an independent character, although city amenities aren’t far away with Pasadena to the south.

Altadena is experiencing an increase in median prices for single family homes, which average about $1.27 million. Although buyers may find it difficult to navigate a short 14 median days on market, decreasing home sales and increasing active listings work to combat buyer competition. Los Angeles County in general is experiencing cooling trends, with home sales down by 28% compared to last year. Read on for a summary of tips to help plan your move and life in Altadena.

Tips for moving

Moving from one house to another is a long process that often begins before you’ve sold or bought Altadena real estate. To stay on track, make lists and a “moving” folder to hold important documents. Then pack smart, hire a moving company, and prepare your home so it’s move-in ready.
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Get organized

When preparing for a move, create a single location where all necessary information is kept — such as a moving folder — to help reduce confusion and mistakes in the process. Use the moving folder to keep track of checklists, dates of important events, as well as key deadlines and additional questions that arise along the way. Also keep important paperwork in one place, such as records of agreements, payments, and contracts.

If you’re moving with a family, create a central area of communication to keep tasks aligned and on track.

Pack smart

To avoid packing any items you’ll likely get rid of after a move, sort through your belongings in advance and decide which items to donate and keep. This saves time and resources when the packing process begins. Be sure you have ample packing supplies like boxes, tape, bubble wrap or packing foam, as well as markers to label boxes. Create inventory lists for each room and box contents, and pack items by room and material.

Hire a moving company

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To avoid any injuries in the moving process, consider hiring a moving company to help. Research for a moving company should start well in advance so you have plenty of time to compare rates and policies, as well as schedule the service. Not only do professional movers save you time and possible injury, but they will have the proper equipment and experience for the job. Confirm that the moving company you hire has insurance to cover accidents or property damage.

Prepare your new home

It’s important to prepare your home before moving into it. Set up utilities, such as electric, gas, and internet service, two weeks in advance. This ensures that you’re not without air conditioning or water the day you move in. If there are appliances on the property, double-check that they work properly. Although the home is likely already clean, complete initial cleaning tasks like wiping down counters, mopping floors, and vacuuming carpets before bringing in your belongings. And don’t forget to submit a formal change of address and forwarding notice to your current post office.

Living in Altadena

Buyers searching for properties in the area will love neighborhoods like Janes Village, which features several Tudor-style homes. Millionaire’s Row also provides a range of wide and beautiful estates along Mariposa Street. Although homes may be expensive here, this community still manages to feel down-to-earth and unique. Trees and orchards also decorate the town, which were originally planted by brothers John and Fred Woodbury in the 1880s.

Great hiking spots

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A main perk for those living in Altadena are the hiking areas. Next to the Angeles National Forest, residents can enjoy nearby trails Altadena Crest, Camp Huntington Trailhead, Henninger Flats, and more. For a challenge, visit Inspiration Point via Castle Canyon or take a waterfall hike in Eaton Canyon for gorgeous and private views. The hiking trails in the area are endless, making it the perfect spot for those interested in escaping the city.

Great dining options

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Although residents can drive 10 minutes to Pasadena for dining options, there are some local restaurants to love in Altadena as well. Neighborhood bars like Altadena Ale & Wine House provide classic American cuisine with draught beers, while Fox’s Restaurant is a pillar of the town — it's been open for over 60 years. Local dessert spots like Bulgarini Gelato are well loved, while El Patron offers authentic Mexican food.

Education options

Families who move and live in Altadena are fans of the great schools in the area. Odyssey Charter School provides a small classroom environment for children in kindergarten through eighth grade, and there are several private schooling options for children of all ages. With four public district schools and 42 private schools in the area, families have plenty of choices when searching for a school that meets their child’s educational needs.

Moving to and living in Altadena is a great choice for buyers interested in a rural and residential lifestyle beside the mountains. When you’re ready to start your search for properties in the area, contact experienced agent Amy Engler to guide you smoothly through the process.

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