How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Pasadena, CA

How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Pasadena, CA

  • Amy Engler
  • 11/20/22

From its legendary rose parade to its extraordinary historic estates, Pasadena has long been one of the most sought-after places to live in California. Art, commerce, industry, a rich past, and abundant natural beauty–the home of Occidental College and stunning Victorians has drawn more and more homebuyers to its zip code, rendering the need for a quality real estate expert fundamental.

Whether you are on the buying end of the spectrum and keen on exploring Pasadena homes for sale or are on the precipice of putting your home on the market, Amy Engler has compiled a handy guide on how to find a real estate agent in “Crown City” and beyond.

Call upon your personal network

Your friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members–even your favorite hair stylist, bartender, and barista–can be veritable gold mines when it’s time to initiate your search for a realtor. Research indicates that people trust word-of-mouth recommendations significantly more than other outlets, while the National Association of Realtors says that 40% of people landed their real estate agent through personal recommendations. It makes complete sense, of course: Your trusted connections wouldn’t suggest someone with whom they had an unfavorable experience.

Collect names–and anecdotes of their work with them–before turning to Google to conduct your own research and book a consultation. Further, get a sense of the agent’s personality and professional ethos from your references. A young, incredibly outgoing, and gregarious real estate agent may have worked well for your yoga instructor, but you may be better matched with a veteran realtor with a calmer, more serious demeanor.

Explore similar listings

If you are considering selling your Pasadena home, search for the listing agents on recently sold homes that are in your price range and neighborhood. “Recent” suggests they are active within their profession and will be eager to meet prospective new clients. You can also gauge a great deal from how a home was listed and marketed; these materials provide a clear-eyed view of a real estate agent’s eloquence, style, and knowledge.

Search on social media and real estate apps

True: If you are a potential homebuyer, receiving a preapproved mortgage loan should precede your deep dive into sleek shots of homes on social media and on apps like Redfin and Zillow. But once you do have a sense of your finances, investigate the bios behind the names and faces representing properties that catch your eye. Visiting an agent’s Instagram, Facebook page, and website will give you a solid, palpable understanding of their current listings–which is important for both buyers and sellers. You can also learn realtor’s consumer ratings and, in some cases, peruse testimonials. Request a consultation with realtors whose online skills, credentials, and presentations resonate with you.

Attend open houses

Attending open houses accomplishes plenty from both the buyer's and the seller’s positions. Homebuyers can get a taste of homes in the area they have chosen–and perhaps even land upon their dream house–while sellers can garner an understanding of comparable homes and the key renovations other owners performed before listing their homes on the market. Strike up a conversation with the listing agent–and if serendipity is on your side, you might just find the ideal person for you.

Look for those who are educated

Actively search for real estate agents who convey a commitment to continuing their education. A real estate agent who is passionate about and devoted to their career will prioritize staying on top of the present and future changes, trends, rules, and real estate laws with ongoing education and additional credentials–such as, say, also becoming a broker, which requires licensure. This, too, will likely be listed on their website.

Community involvement

Peruse the news for realtors who are engaged in the community. One of the savviest ways to find a realtor, particularly if you have recently moved to a new area and don’t have the same number of friends and colleagues as you did in your former residence, is to check the newspaper and other media outlets for realtors who give back to their community. This may be through donating a portion of their real estate proceeds to local nonprofits, volunteering to mentor high school and college students, or creating scholarships for school-aged children. This level of engagement within a community speaks volumes about a realtor’s alliance, reputation, and integrity.

Examine online listings

Sites such as Find a Realtor can take a lot of the guessing out of the game by listing agents in your area of interest. This may be an especially helpful tool for homebuyers who live outside of California and have yet to build a network in Pasadena.

Drive around

Does this sound old school? You bet. Does it work? Absolutely. Driving around neighborhoods that appeal to you–or within your own neighborhood, if you are on the seller side of the equation–allows you to see homes for sale, which includes the contact information of the listing agent. The quality of the homes the agent represents can tell you an enormous amount about their experience (and straight away to boot).

Understand the extent of your options

If you are a homebuyer, keep in mind that you won’t be paying your real estate agent for their time and energy: They earn their commission from the seller. This means you don’t have to feel you must go with an agent who is just starting out or the first one you find. If you are a seller, you understand that quality trumps every time–and that finding a consummate professional is one of the most imperative parts of any real estate journey.

If you are in the market for homes or condos for sale in Pasadena — or are a homeowner who has chosen to take advantage of our hot seller’s market — reach out to Amy Engler for a consultation. Sharp, decisive, and committed, she understands the qualities a realtor needs to possess in today’s competitive, fast-paced market. Having worked in real estate for the past 17 years, she handles homes throughout Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley and would be thrilled to hear from you.

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